FIS/edc is designed to improve the efficiency of invoice and statement processing for organisations that run SAP ECC. The plugin is seamlessly integrated into the existing SAP ECC environment, and significantly reduces the need for manual data entry and human intervention meaning that invoices are posted more economically than with the SAP standard.

FIS/edc comes with a range of benefits through its automation of supplier invoice processing, such as saving businesses valuable time and money, as well as increasing the quality of data that is being exported into SAP. The software works alongside FIS/fci to check and validate invoice data prior to a “posting attempt in SAP.

Whilst the primary function of the software is to streamline the existing SAP processes and to simplify the current invoice reading procedures, FIS/edc comes with a range of other functions and toolsets available to improve business operations.

The Customising toolset with FIS/edc provides rules and customising tables for all parked invoices. These tables can be modified to adapt with any new business procedures and people, and allow all invoices to be distributed to the correct AP users and invoice approvers.

FIS/edc also provides a comprehensive reporting suite to provide the AP team with the information to identify any “problem vendors” and to measure the first time matching rate for instance.

FIS WebArchive provides a way of securely storing the financial documents that have been processed which are presented within FIS/edc, as well as within the relevant SAP transaction screens.

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