FIS–ASP are the SAP hosting division of FIS and operate and manage SAP ERP systems in state-of-the-art FIS-ASP data centres, primarily in Grafenrheinfeld. The centre boasts one of the most advanced, high available server stacks for SAP and FIS applications with clients being able accelerate their business processes and reporting with the latest S4/HANA IT infrastructure.

FIS-ASP is also able to host FIS/wws (wholesale modules), Office, SAP ERP and SAP Business One applications – generally on a subscription model with close to 24/7 availability. The FIS-ASP managed service subsidiary removes the need for organisations need to invest in their own SAP infrastructure and dedicated IT team – and focus instead on their core business propositions.

FIS-ASP also host the FIS iLog platform iRetPlat. The platform is the first cross company solution for logging the exchanges of RTPs (Returnable Transit Packaging) – such as pallets, dolavs, cages, trays. The platform is available for all transactions within Europe and is flexible to integrate with all leading ERP solutions.


Document Options are an established FIS UK partner providing a range of document capture and document data-extraction services that utilises FIS’ invoice reading software FIS/fci.

Document Options work with FIS to support their client base with invoice capture and data reading services. The service addresses the issues of clients who prefer to “outsource” the capture and data reading component of their invoice processing solution as an alternative to data keying or in-house software.

Furthermore, Document Options also provide flexible invoice processing solutions for their SAP and non-SAP client base.

DOL Invoice Reading as a Service


H&S Heilig und Schubert Software AG are a leading SAP partner with offices in Germany and Austria. An FIS partner for several years, H&S predominantly provide FIS with products, services and support for their SAP certified document archive. The SAP Certified inPoint Content Archive provides fast access to stored documents from FIS/edc – invoices, sales orders, statements, order confirmations etc.

The archive supports both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA infrastructures.


Opto-Sweden are an established partner of FIS for several years and provide a number of innovative automated document processing solutions. Optosweden are FIS/fci innovators with a “cloud” platform for P2P functions for non-SAP ERP functions.

The Opto-Sweden “Cross State” cloud solution provides a modular proposition for UK/European clients who can select the essential components that provide the best technical and business fit for their enterprise:

  • Invoice Capture
  • Emailed Invoice Capture
  • Invoice Data Reading
  • Invoice Completion
  • Invoice Completion (as a service)
  • Invoice data matching with Accounts/ERP data
  • Exception and PO exempt workflow
  • Integration module with Accounts/ERP
  • Document Hosting

Opto Sweden have integrated with more than 50 Accounts solutions and provide innovative integration tools particularly for applications with SQL and Oracle database components.

Cross-State provides a flexible solution to accommodate UK clients who have non-SAP based Accounts/ERP solutions but wish to take the cost out of the processing of invoices reducing manual labour-intensive tasks.