The existing SAP standard procedures involve a large amount of human interaction, time and money when it comes to processing invoices and scanned documents. FIS/edc is a plugin that works within the current SAP environment, and streamlines the invoice management experience so that businesses can operate more efficiently.

FIS/edc is one of a number of SAP integrated technologies developed by FIS and offers additional functions to simplify SAP processes. Installing FIS/edc comes with a range of benefits that could change the way SAP is operated, these include:

  • FIS/edc is fully integrated into SAP and uses standard SAP GUIs, meaning that less training will be required for staff already comfortable working with SAP standard.
  • In the existing SAP environment, invoices are printed off and the data is manually keyed in. FIS/edc automatically reads Emailed Invoice Attachments and scanned documents, which saves businesses time and money as it reduces human interaction and eliminates any need for printing.
  • FIS/edc uses a validation processes to ensure that the entered information is accurate. In the current SAP system, businesses run the risk of inaccurate data being manually entered and the plugin provides improvements to the quality of data.
  • The software identifies any “problem vendors” through its reporting tools and, while the current SAP processes do have reports available, FIS/edc can improve the vendor experience.
  • With FIS/edc the AP team can share their workload between them at busier times of the year. In the current SAP procedures, workloads and holiday cover is assessed through manual processes and reporting, and can consume a lot of time.

FIS/edc comes with many benefits that can streamline your current SAP invoice management, and please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team for any further information.

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