Posting Invoices Without Manual Intervention

Post invoices without manual intervention

Automatically direct FI invoices to colleagues for approval

Free up resource from your AP Team by automating manual tasks

Complementary, non-invasive SAP add-on technologies (ECC6 or S/4HANA)

Take out the headache of manual data-entry


Introduction to FIS / edc (electronic document centre)

Posting supplier invoices into SAP ERP standard can be a labour-intensive exercise with repetitive data-entry tasks and manual checks. The entire supplier payment process can be made more efficient by introducing invoice reading and integrated add-on technologies to SAP standard. Invoices could be posted automatically when they meet specific criteria. By automating data-entry tasks and utilising SAP integrated technologies means that the entire supplier payment process is made more efficient –  freeing the Accounts Payable resource to be active in more valuable work.

Illustration of the Main Technology Components of FIS/edc

If an organisation with SAP ERP receives supplier invoices with a valid PO reference – then the FIS system can post a high percentage of invoices automatically without the need for human involvement. The percentage of invoices posted automatically into SAP ERP with no manual work is sometimes referred to as the blind-booking rate

Who is it for?

For organisations with SAP ERP (ECC 6 or S/4 HANA) who wish to:

  • Process a high percentage of invoices automatically – freeing up time for their Accounts Payable team
  • Accommodate additional invoices from new company divisions ( i.e. Shared Service Centre) without increasing headcount and overhead
  • Transform Business Processes by introducing technologies that automate time consuming tasks such as data-entry and manual data comparisons
  • Make savings by reducing the processing costs for invoices
  • Embrace automation as a strategy to run departments and organisations at a reduced expense

Key Information: FIS Invoice Reading and SAP Posting Modules

  • A high blind booking rate is achieved with invoices quoting a valid PO number and emailing the invoice to dedicated email addresses
  • FIS / edc (invoice monitor) is deeply integrated enhancement to complement SAP ERP – sharing screen GUIs and referencing SAP data in real-time
  • An agreement between PO, Invoice and Goods Receipt values (within a tolerance) would ensure that invoices are posted into SAP without the need for manual checks
  • The system is configured so that invoices outside of tolerances are held for review
  • FIS develop FIS / edc for both SAP ECC 6 and SAP S/4HANA standards
  • Invoice approval workflows run on SAP standards such as Fiori Apps and Web Dynpro

Invoices received electronically can be processed with no manual intervention

Working from home – coronavirus

Many FIS customers have adapted to the change in working practices brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Firstly, most customers have worked with their suppliers to further increased the proportion of invoices received via email and reduced the volume received in paper format. In this way, invoices are read automatically and manual completion, if required, can be done remotely. FIS / edc is also able to accommodate electronic invoices (EDI) and checks the data prior to before posting. Adopting an electronic method of invoice recognition means that organisations introduce supporting measures for AP team working from home.

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