How FIS assisted Silesia Recruitment with a Business Portal

Client: Silesia Personnel

Industry: Recruitment


Centralisation of database

Polish and German language versions

Security of data

Cost of application creation compared to financial returns


Dedicated Business Portal accessible by in-house and field employees.


Project Information


The owner of an established German employment agency, primarily focused on recruiting temporary engineering expertise (CNC machine operators, welders, electricians etc) encountered a recurring problem in the demand for new placements.

The requirement for engineers was consistently lower at the end of the week compared to the beginning of the week. The work of the in-house team consisted of verifying the availability and qualifications of the candidates at one of the five offices. The entire process was based partly on paper records and partly on an electronic database of candidates. Each of the five offices had their own separate database.


Silesia had financial concerns regarding developing a solution from scratch. However, lower application development costs in Poland led the board to find a provider that would be able to simultaneously ensure that communication of the project to the business was both in Polish and German.

The project was in line with the typical model SCRUM model:

1. Collect requirements and ranked according to priorities

2. After a few months FIS SST created a pilot version (a business portal with access to candidates and archive documents) in one of the branches in Poland and also in the Germany head office.

3. Implementation of new modules progressed in parallel. The launch of the new enhancements was scheduled at intervals over several months.

4. After eight months in development, the management decided to rollout the application to all other branches.

FIS SST provided the server infrastructure. The model proved to be so attractive for Silesia that FIS SST created a hosted environment for the application. FIS SST provided all resources and server infrastructure in a SaaS model.

FIS SST managed the entire process from gathering requirements, design, development and implementation. The entire project was completed in less than 9 months.

FIS SST created a business portal for Silesia Personnel which provided a centralised and secure alternative to disparate software and paper records at each office location. The portal was accessible by both office based employees as well as field staff – giving access to all available candidate information and their availability for employment.