How FIS assisted Karro Foods with automating the processing of vendor statements and sales orders in SAP


Project Description

Client: Karro Foods

Industry: Food producers – one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pork, bacon and ham to supermarkets and food service organisations.


Automating the processing of incoming emailed documents –filtering documents that require the attention of the accounts team.


Enhancement to standard OCR reader, Email attachment reader and SAP matching application. Savings made by reducing the manual tasks of Karro staff and replacing with technologies from FIS.


Project Information


Vendor Statements
Initially, Karro used to view all reconciliations against data in SAP manually. The AP team would compare the data from the statement against their own data in SAP for all vendor statements – a large percentage of which were accurate and required no further attention.
FIS worked with Karro Foods to configure the email reading of attachments process for statements with a dedicated email account – which was then able to forward new attachments into the OCR document reading solution – FCI.
Within the SAP environment – FIS created a new monitor that compared the Vendor statement data for the outstanding invoices at a specific date with the data from the vendor statement. The statements were categorised as a match, a mis-match or requiring further attention. By viewing only the deviant statements – Karro AP team have significantly reduced the time required for processing vendor statements.

Figure: Screenshot of VSM within SAP environment




Sales Orders
Karro receive a significant volume of orders from customers via email. Initially, the Karro accounts receivable team would print out the orders and then enter the data into SAP. Many orders would be received outside of normal working hours. This would result in the Karro team working having to work at weekends preparing the orders in SAP – and also Karro having to pay staff additional rates for extended hours.
The issue was addressed by Karro dedicating an email account for customer orders and FIS reconfiguring the FCI application (normally configured for reading supplier invoices) to extract data from the sales order attachments. Automating the importing of orders into SAP means that the information is added directly onto SAP – quickly alerting Karro depots of new deliveries and schedules.


Sharon Bennison: Systems and Business Process Improvement Manager for Karro Foods heads the progressive strategy. ‘There is pressure from the business to make all processes within Karro as efficient and effective as possible. We are always on the lookout for making savings and the new technologies work with many of the FIS we have already. Replacing labour-intensive tasks with more effective IT technologies means that our existing team is able to manage increasing workload as our business expands’

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