How FIS-SST IT outsourcing assisted Strategix in developing a completely integrated solution for planning and optimization across the entire supply chain.


Project Description

Client: Strategix Enterprise Technology GmbH

Industry: JDA Systems Developer

Challenges: Communication with business users and developers in German, Polish and English.


Collaborative Category Management

Project Information


Strategix is an innovative company with extensive expertise and experience in strategic consulting, application development and systems integration in both supply chain and category management.

Strategix’s employees have extensive knowledge and experience with integration of JDA solutions with different SAP systems, such as SAP for Retail, SAP CRM and SAP BI.

The main challenge for Strategix has grown from making new applications and increasing functionality while working within budgetary constraints. These became possible thanks to the co-operation and innovation of FIS-SST from Gliwice.



Complex installations of new software for large companies generally require great knowledge about systems integration.

With dynamic project improvement, Strategix worked closely with FIS STT. FIS SST effectively became familiar with the development of the existing solutions of Strategix and became familiar with selected Strategix products as part of the system transition.
FIS SST was also tasked with further application development and to manage the effective integration with end users systems. A complete integrated solution for planning and optimization along the entire supply chain was needed to control ‘JDA Space Planning’ and create an interface with external systems, such as accounting systems.

The result of the collaboration was the creation of an application – SX-Organizer R2 which allows the customer to increase shelf availability, reduce inventory and store operational cost. In addition storage, administration and distribution of floor plans are managed via SX-Organizer.

SX-Organizer is not only connected with ‘JDA Space Planning’ it also has interfaces to other systems.


FIS-SST has been supporting Strategix for over 2 years during strategic implementations and as a partner for complex integrations with ERP systems.

Jan Hanussek

General Manager Strategix

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