New Releases 2019: FIS NextGeneration S/4HANA

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FIS Integrated Products for SAP S/4HANA are released annually in January.

New Releases of the FIS NextGeneration modules include:

  • FIS/edc – Electronic Document Centre: An SAP “add-on” technology to accelerate data matching and the posting of invoices, sales orders, payment advice notes and supplier statements etc into SAP S/4HANA.
  • FIS/mpm – Master Data and Price Management. An SAP “add-on” technology for simplified maintenance of SAP Master Data with integrated validation checks and workflow solution – allowing data to be exchanged with SAP S/4HANA.
  • FIS/xee – XML and EDI Engine: A business system integration that provides connectivity for information exchange between SAP S/4HANA and other ERP Business Systems.

FIS develop a complete suite of SAP Integrated products to provide business process improvements for organisations with SAP S/4HANA or SAP ECC. The FIS modules for SAP ECC are released annually in June.

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New Release: FIS/fci OCR Invoice Data Extraction Tool

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FIS Information System develop new releases of their products for SAP Business Process Improvements in July and January. The FIS/fci (2019) has new been refreshed to remove any known bug-fixes and also new additional features as requested by our customer base.

In the 2019 Release the software now includes:
• Time handling adjustments for invoices sent outside of the recipient’s time zone
• Rejection of erroneous pdfs – i.e. blank, password protected, invalid, blank/empty, corrupt etc
• New handling options for coloured PDF invoices
• New FTP security functions
• New Life Cycle Management Reports for Invoices
• Additional OCR Recognition Engine

The new release of FIS/fci will be available in January 2019.

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iRetPlat: Success Story Siemens Energy

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In the case study, Siemens Energy (Power and Gas)  based in Berlin move away from the manual paper processing of returnable equipment transactions to the iRetPlat platform from FIS iLog. The cloud based solution saves Siemens employees significant time and effort and provides a collaborative, transparent and single view of stock levels and balances for both suppliers and logistics partners.

Increasing The Efficiency Of Existing SAP Business Processes

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The manual processing of supplier invoices can be time consuming and expensive, meaning that businesses are using up time that could otherwise be spent in a more productive capacity. Businesses are continuously exploring new methods to make their procedures more efficient, in order to reduce operational costs whilst not compromising on the quality of outcomes. Improvements in business processes and making them more economical is a strategic vison for all enterprises.

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Time Saving Technologies for Accounts Departments with SAP.

20Blog August, 18

With SAP standard the processing of supplier invoice processing entails a significant amount of manual work and human interaction. The current standard process mean that the AP team could be wasting a lot of time on manual tasks that might be better with assigned to technology.

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FIS Technology Significantly Reduces Operational Costs within Accounts Payable Departments

00Blog July, 18

Most enterprises have an intention to process their supplier invoice payments in an economical manner and to ensure that the Accounts department is running efficiently. Businesses want to keep their operational costs low still provide high quality data. Organisations are continuously looking at methods to lower costs and business improvement processes.

For supplier invoice processing, the time-consuming tasks of the manual work combine result in costs that could be best served with technology alternative. The FIS invoice processing technology, FIS/edc, provides a cost-effective solution to the existing manual tasks, which save businesses time and money and offer more reliable results. The technology significantly reduces the cost of processing supplier invoice payments and allows the Accounts Payable team to run more efficiently – with more time to perform more valuable tasks.

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New Q3 2018 Releases for FIS SAP-Integrated Technologies

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FIS SAP-Integrated products are technology modules that work with SAP ERP Standard, accelerating and simplifying business processes  – additional functions that work with SAP ERP.

The technologies work with SAP ERP standard and functionalities are presented in standard SAP GUIs – including FIori apps.

FIS Introduce new releases for SAP ECC 6 annually in July and SAP S/4 HANA in January.

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