New Release: FIS/fci OCR Invoice Data Extraction Tool

00News December, 18

FIS Information System develop new releases of their products for SAP Business Process Improvements in July and January. The FIS/fci (2019) has new been refreshed to remove any known bug-fixes and also new additional features as requested by our customer base.

In the 2019 Release the software now includes:
• Time handling adjustments for invoices sent outside of the recipient’s time zone
• Rejection of erroneous pdfs – i.e. blank, password protected, invalid, blank/empty, corrupt etc
• New handling options for coloured PDF invoices
• New FTP security functions
• New Life Cycle Management Reports for Invoices
• Additional OCR Recognition Engine

The new release of FIS/fci will be available in January 2019.


New Q3 2018 Releases for FIS SMART Products

00News July, 18

FIS SMART products are technology modules that work with SAP ERP Standard, accelerating and simplifying business processes  – additional functions that work with SAP ERP.

The technologies work with SAP ERP standard and functionalities are presented in standard SAP GUIs – including FIori apps.

FIS Introduce new releases for SAP ECC 6 annually in July and SAP S/4 HANA in January.

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FIS Warehouse Expertise – SAP Extended Warehouse Management

00News June, 18


SAP EWM is a standalone Warehouse Management Application and is part of SAP’s Supply Chain Management suite. The existing SAP WM (Warehouse Management) module will be discontinued in 2025 and completely replaced by SAP EWM.

The FIS proposition for warehouse management is a hosted platform based on SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) with further FIS add-on applications – FIS/xee (FIS xml and edi engine) and FIS ewm+ (Extended Warehouse Management template).

The key advantages of the FIS solution includes:
• A single partner (SAP Gold Partner) with expertise in SAP application hosting, project management, warehouse management implementations and support
• Expertise in the configuration of the SAP EWM platform
• FIS ewm+ provides a reduction in implementation times through template delivery (i.e. configuration based on a “typical” warehouse – and then minor customisations for individual warehouses)
• Simplified user Experience (UX) – based on SAP Fiori apps
• Fast in memory database – SAP HANA
• Accessible with permissions based access for all users

FIS have a warehouse management consultancy capable of building specific warehouse management infrastructures and are able to “host” the application with FIS ASP.

SAP EWM has core warehouse management functionality shared with the current SAP WM supporting all processes in the logistics supply chain. In the SAP EWM solution offers additional flexibility in areas such as:

• Specific Warehouse Structures
• Picking and Packing
• Handling Units
• RF (Radio Frequency)
• Barcode Technology

SAP EWM includes the following functions as standard:

• Activity Areas
• Work Centres
• Resources

The integrated functions and business processes within SAP EWM offer a high level of process and inventory transparency, a precise view of warehouse steps, efficient distribution and storage methodology.

The typical return on investment of an EWM implementation typically ranges from 12 to 36 months from the effective date of use. EWM implementations result in qualitative and quantitative benefits such as fewer product handling steps, improved productivity, significant reduction in errors as well as better inventory control and accuracy.


RTP Platform – New Functions and Background Processing with SAP / ERPs

00News May, 18

FIS iLog have extended the range of potential application tiles with their ground breaking returnable platform – iRetPlat.

In addition, the platform can be updated with RTP bookings from ERP/Accounts software directly (not just SAP ERP) and in the background – this means that the user will be able to identify the quantities of all returnables at different partners.

Access to the platform can be multi-partisan and allow collaborations between customers, suppliers and other satellite location sites.

The Fiori app facilitates the user to view:

  • RTP stock levels at main and satellite sites
  • RTP balances with partners (suppliers and customers) and other sites
  • RTP balances with distributors and the subsequent balances with end-users
  • Workflow of ” queries/contested RTP volumes” with partners
  • Reports for booking summaries within a given time frame
  • Notifications from Customers (i.e. new deliveries required)

The app has been designed to be used by booking clerks – and replaces the need to check stock levels and transport balances using spreadsheets.

The platform can also be opened up to customers and suppliers to agree (or otherwise) on RTP deliveries.

The platform provides a centralised open-platform – providing a single view of RTP stock levels, transactions and balances – taking the cost out of more traditional processes.




New Release Dates for SMART Products – ECC 6 and S/4HANA

00News, Uncategorised February, 18


FIS Information Systems normally release new versions of their SMART product ranges (for business process improvements in SAP) on an annual basis. The licences for the new releases (which include new features and bug fixes) have previously available in January to all FIS customers who invest in a support and maintenance contract.

New Release dates annually in July and February
For new version of SMART products running on SAP ERP – the 2018 release will now be available July 2018.
This means that the 2017 versions of products such as FIS/edc (invoice monitor) will be extended by six months.
Every new release date for SAP ERP SMART products will now be in July.

SAP S/4HANA compatible releases of SMART products will now available annually in February.

A graphical summary:


FIS Partner H&S – SAP Certified Document Archive

00News November, 17


H&S has been an FIS Information Systems GmbH partner for more than 5 years and have extensive knowledge and project experience for more than 25 years. H&S are located in Vienna, Austria (Headquarters), Schwabach (Germany) and St Gallen (Switzerland).

H&S InPoint content Server is an SAP Certified Product and utilises the standard SAP ArchiveLink for repaid retrieval of invoices and other financial documents from FIS/edc and SAP transactions.

Functionality of H&S inPoint ContentServer for SAP (inPoint CSS

Certified SAP ArchiveLink(TM) interface
inPoint CSS is certified by SAP as an archive link software solution
In Point CSS stores images from FIS/edc monitors (scanned documents and emailed attachments). The images can also be viewed through SAP (i.e. MIRO MIR4) transaction
inPoint CSS is able to set a retention time for archived images, after this period it is possible to delete the image.
inPoint CSS can also store other SAP related documents
Administration is possible with SAP Basic Know how
Supports all archiving methodology
Supports all SAP Releases form SAP R/3 onwards
Document view with SAP—Standard features
Support and legal archiving and certified for several WORM storages