The FIS SST application development team are only one hour ahead of the UK and have extensive programming expertise (SAP (ABAP), JAVA, Open Source and Microsoft .NET ) and have significantly lower day-rates for developers than UK contractors.

The team is now generally called upon on a flexible basis by many leading UK, Scandinavian and German organisations.

FIS Information Systems GmbH acquired the organisation in 2009 . The first projects were primarily with the further development of FIS SMART Technologies in the creation of web-based technologies – including SAP WebDynpro. Later the organisation created a number of customer-led technologies to assist FIS clients throughout Europe.

In particular, FIS SST develop bespoke technologies for organisations that wish to create applications that are customised for their specific requirements as an alternative to a standard software that would require extensive modifications.

Although projects involving partner (vendor and customer) portals and data consolidation are prevalent, the application development team proved to be highly creative and relatively inexpensive compared to UK or German developers.

Recently the FIS SST team have been asked to provide development resources for both software developers and systems integrators – the projects could involve SAP, ABAP and Fiori knowledge but this is not always the case.


A Software Application Development Service for Software Vendors, Systems Integrators and End-Users – who require additional resource or technical expertise in completing a new or defined project within budgets and timescales.

Also for:

  • Organisations who require additional resource in completing defined projects but require specialist expertise or additional resources for completion
  • Organisations in UK, Germany or Scandinavia who wish to look at an alternative to employing contractors and complete a software development with lower labour costs
  • Organisations who wish to outsource a large proportion of IT application development to a “Nearshore” partner
  • Organisations who wish to move away from legacy application development tools and future-proof new applications by working with an innovative and economic development partner

An alternative to:

  • Development projects that are missing deadlines and running over-budget
  • Expensive local contractors with limited development capabilities
  • Long timescales for application completion with current in-house resources

Key technology competencies:

  • Agile 
  • ABAP – SAP 
  • JAVA 
  • Open Source Technology
  • Microsoft .NET