FIS/mpm (master data and price management)


The FIS/mpm application has been designed specifically for organisations who face process issues when adding new or maintaining existing master data or wish to upload large data volumes.

One of the prime utilisations of the FIS/mpm application is to address the issue of master data governance and FIS/mpm provides a clear method of maintenance for all participants – from data initiators to SAP power-users.


Roles and Processes Defined

Data Initiators that have the most expertise and knowledge of the data (i.e. for vendors, customers, materials, prices etc)  but may not be aware of the stringent requirement of SAP and therefore may omit data or provide invalid data.

Secondly, the SAP team members have knowledge of the strict master data stipulations of SAP but may have little knowledge of the initial data.

Some organisations spent a lot of time using email as a workflow and with very complex Excel spreadsheets attachments combined with completion notes and coding. After meticulous checks and re-checks by the master data team and initiator, the data is finally passed to an SAP master data manager who finalises checks and then “cuts and pastes” the data into SAP.

FIS addressed these core issues by defining the common tasks within the process and then providing a methodology controlled by the SAP master data team.

FIS/mpm provides an easy-to-use web technology at the source for the data initiator, significantly reducing the number of fields for completion, identifying mandatory fields and provides drop down choice alternatives for data import.

Bulk uploads are created via Excel worksheets with clearly defined tables.

The Web Dynpro workflow allows checking by a supervisor (if necessary) or can be extended to other participants with master data knowledge.

The FIS/mpm application also validates fields for feasibility and completeness before transports to the SAP supervisors.

SAP stewards work in a familiar SAP environment within FIS / mpm. The FIS / mpm staging area is a workplace that provides a checking area before releasing of master-data into SAP.



For organisations who wish to save time and money when creating new or maintaining existing master data within SAP.

For organisations who wish to create clear roles and governance for master data changes and additions.

An alternative to:
• Complex forms and Excel sheets for participants with data expertise moving backwards and forward between SAP stewards.
• Using Email as a workflow – no clear governance on processes – process unlikely to capture all necessary data comprehensively.
• Tasking SAP experts with minor data management issues.
• Inefficient methods of data management handling in SAP.

Key technologies and benefits:
• WebDynpro workflow – allows participants with minimal SAP expertise create new and maintain master data.
• Ability to ensure clear governance of roles and responsibilities – from initiation to final SAP release.
• Allows bulk upload of master data (Excel) as well as single records.
• Provides intelligent data validation checks prior to transfer into the FIS/mpm staging area.
• FIS/mpm staging area provides final checking of data before release.
• Automatic reports to show the success of data transfers into SAP.
• Timed events to release data from FIS/mpm staging area into SAP master data.