iRetPlat is a new and unique cross-organisation electronic logbook for returnable transport containers such as pallets, dolavs, and roll cages etc. The platform is utilised to agree the returnables inventory for both customers and vendors – interfacing with ERP systems to record asset values.

The electronic solution is accessible form a PC or mobile device and is an alternative to recording exchanges on paper or Excel. What makes the solution unique is that the platform is open to all partners – customers and vendors – showing the returnables asset category, the balance of quantities and their quantities.

Partners need not necessarily become subscribers/members as they are invited to collaborate as a guest. The platform is aimed at any organisation that records returnable transport packaging as an asset. The solution also records the availability of specific pallet/container stock levels.

No IT costs are required, the platform is “cloud-based” and available 24/7 – with the capability of recording all transactions and exchanges in UK/Europe.


Benefit Summary:

  • Business process improvement solution for the goods transportation – replacing manual paper and Excel based methods
  • Solution interfaces with SAP and other ERP applications – showing actual value of assets
  • Presents current stock levels on specific dates
  • Balances values and quantities with all customers and/or suppliers
  • No IT infrastructure required – and fast “on-boarding”
  • Available to all industries with returnable, transportable pallets and containers – food, drink, wholesalers, industrial, chemicals
  • Dispute Management workflow with selected “guest” partners – with audit trail and supporting evidence (i.e. photographs)
  • Allows transport managers to work with mobile devices – in loading bays
  • Instantaneous view of RTP stock levels for delivery planning
  • Real-time balance of RTPs with partners

An alternative to:

“Traditional” paper or Excel spreadsheet records of RTP exchanges

Key Applications and Industries:

  • Food Production
  • Brewing Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Chemicals
  • Palletised Products