HANA Platform - Hosting Infrastructure



FIS-ASP provide SAP hosting and managed services facilities within a purpose-built, high-availability centre in Grafenrheinfeld, Germany. The data centre hosts SAP ERP and SAP Retail applications for more than 30,000 end-users. The FIS-ASP solution also supports SAP HANA in-memory technology.

In addition, FIS-ASP relies on SUSE OpenStack Cloud, a high-performance and inexpensive technology for the cloud-based SAP operation.

HANA – in memory technology

The HANA in-memory database provides a new pioneering technology to carry out analysis directly from the SAP Production system. It considerably increases the system performance for reporting and the processing of mass data enables new business avenues to be developed resulting in more informed business decisioning and planning.

FIS-ASP has recently extended the HANA pool by 1 terabyte SAP HANA high-end machine family with 80 cores each – one of the most powerful SAP HANA systems available today.

SAP HANA Certification

To expand its HANA knowledge and expertise, FIS-ASP had trained eight employees as “SAP Certified Technology Specialist – SAP HANA Installation” in March 2015. This certification was achieved  with  examinations at SAP, which provided the "graduate" the skills required for the installation of tailored SAP HANA systems as “SAP HANA Tailored Data Centre Integration” (TDI).

TDI reduces the costs of an SAP installation by re-using enterprise storages  by using them for new purposes.

“TDI enables us to reduce the hardware costs for HANA installations in the region of 30 percent”  states leader of the SAP Team 1 at FIS-ASP - Bernd Bätz. “This significant cost reduction is due to the fact that FIS-ASP can make individual SAP HANA installations and therefore no longer requires the pre-configured hardware from our IT server suppliers.”

SAP Fiori apps

FIS-ASP customers running their SAP and FIS applications  on HANA can also benefit from the full range of SAP Fiori apps. The apps can be flexibly adjusted to different terminals and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud as a core basis

The IaaS Computing (Infrastructure as a Service) proposition based on a recently optimised Cloud platform is the technology foundation for all FIS Cloud offers, such as HANA, Enterprise Warehouse Management and many others. Its core element is the Enterprise Distribution of SUSE OpenStack Cloud with the latest OpenStack Juno Release. It provides a cost-efficient, easier and quicker installation process and in addition – the reliable operation and control of IaaS Private Clouds and also Hybrid Cloud environments.

“It will become easier to standardise and consolidate all relevant SAP installations with a Linux Distribution” states Matthias Braun. FIS-ASP has been working for many years on the OpenStack project and its use in the enterprise environment. In spring 2013, a project was launched to check the possibilities of an SAP operation in the Linux-based Cloud. The SUSE OpenStack distribution most closely corresponds to the FIS requirements as a service provider and system integrator when it comes to IaaS Cloud Computing both in SAP and the non-SAP environment.

I addition, the SUSE OpenStack Cloud and OpenStack can also be used on VMWare and other methods for server virtualization. In August 2014, the update on SUSE OpenStack Cloud 4.0 was made and the update to version 5.0 will be made shortly. Based on this HANA-compliant infrastructure, FIS-ASP offers its customers the “proof-of-concept” option prior to their purchasing decision.

“In this way, the added value becomes clearer and easier to communicate to our clients. The benefits can be better illustrated by actually using the new SAP Fiori apps practically rather than theoretically” says Robert Schuhmann, managing director of FIS-ASP.