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FIS Information Systems UK Limited

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FIS develop technologies that enhance the core functionality of SAP ERP (SAP ECC 6 and SAP S/4HANA). The technologies optimise business processes, automate manual tasks and improve data quality. Each FIS user becomes more productive as processes become more efficient – lowering the cost of business transactions.

“SMART” technologies are deeply integrated with SAP – working with existing SAP processes, accessing real-time data and without any modifications to SAP standard.


HANA Platform – Hosting Infrastructure

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FIS-ASP provide SAP hosting and managed services facilities within a purpose-built, high-availability centre in Grafenrheinfeld, Germany. The data centre hosts SAP ERP and SAP Retail applications for more than 30,000 end-users. The FIS-ASP solution also supports SAP HANA in-memory technology.

In addition, FIS-ASP relies on SUSE OpenStack Cloud, a high-performance and inexpensive technology for the cloud-based SAP operation.

HANA – in memory technology

The HANA in-memory database provides a new pioneering technology to carry out analysis directly from the SAP Production system. It considerably increases the system performance for reporting and the processing of mass data enables new business avenues to be developed resulting in more informed business decisioning and planning.

FIS-ASP has recently extended the HANA pool by 1 terabyte SAP HANA high-end machine family with 80 cores each – one of the most powerful SAP HANA systems available today.

SAP HANA Certification

To expand its HANA knowledge and expertise, FIS-ASP had trained eight employees as “SAP Certified Technology Specialist – SAP HANA Installation” in March 2015. This certification was achieved  with  examinations at SAP, which provided the “graduate” the skills required for the installation of tailored SAP HANA systems as “SAP HANA Tailored Data Centre Integration” (TDI).

TDI reduces the costs of an SAP installation by re-using enterprise storages  by using them for new purposes.

“TDI enables us to reduce the hardware costs for HANA installations in the region of 30 percent”  states leader of the SAP Team 1 at FIS-ASP – Bernd Bätz. “This significant cost reduction is due to the fact that FIS-ASP can make individual SAP HANA installations and therefore no longer requires the pre-configured hardware from our IT server suppliers.”

SAP Fiori apps

FIS-ASP customers running their SAP and FIS applications  on HANA can also benefit from the full range of SAP Fiori apps. The apps can be flexibly adjusted to different terminals and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud as a core basis

The IaaS Computing (Infrastructure as a Service) proposition based on a recently optimised Cloud platform is the technology foundation for all FIS Cloud offers, such as HANA, Enterprise Warehouse Management and many others. Its core element is the Enterprise Distribution of SUSE OpenStack Cloud with the latest OpenStack Juno Release. It provides a cost-efficient, easier and quicker installation process and in addition – the reliable operation and control of IaaS Private Clouds and also Hybrid Cloud environments.

“It will become easier to standardise and consolidate all relevant SAP installations with a Linux Distribution” states Matthias Braun. FIS-ASP has been working for many years on the OpenStack project and its use in the enterprise environment. In spring 2013, a project was launched to check the possibilities of an SAP operation in the Linux-based Cloud. The SUSE OpenStack distribution most closely corresponds to the FIS requirements as a service provider and system integrator when it comes to IaaS Cloud Computing both in SAP and the non-SAP environment.

I addition, the SUSE OpenStack Cloud and OpenStack can also be used on VMWare and other methods for server virtualization. In August 2014, the update on SUSE OpenStack Cloud 4.0 was made and the update to version 5.0 will be made shortly. Based on this HANA-compliant infrastructure, FIS-ASP offers its customers the “proof-of-concept” option prior to their purchasing decision.

“In this way, the added value becomes clearer and easier to communicate to our clients. The benefits can be better illustrated by actually using the new SAP Fiori apps practically rather than theoretically” says Robert Schuhmann, managing director of FIS-ASP.





Amazon, eBay + Marketplace Management with SAP

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Where do most shoppers start their product search? Here’s a clue, it’s not Google. Google has the largest market share of all general search queries, eclipsing the likes of Bing and Yahoo. However, the balance of specific product searches with several surveys points to Amazon as the leading place to research new items.



Online marketplaces enable a fast and flexible method of product exposure to new sales markets and customer groups. More customers start their product search via online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, offering benefits for enterprises including:

  • international reach
  • unlimited product selection
  • individual advertising opportunities
  • optional shipping services

In order to achieve these benefits and with potentially higher margins and improved customer satisfaction, a deep integration of the systems involved should be considered. This is the preferred way to manage the information flow across the entire order-to-cash process – from product placement via billing, payments to returns processing.


With the trend towards using market platform organisations such as Amazon and eBay, FIS have created a new cloud-based integration tool that provides comprehensive functions for SAP ERP users to manage their product data, orders and payments, returns and refunds.

FIS/TradeFlex brings together your SAP system, the marketplace platform and additional systems including PIM (Product Information Management).

Your benefits by using FIS/TradeFlex

  • Comprehensive and deep process integration in SAP
  • End-to-end process coverage: from product selection up to payment and returns
  • Full transparency of expenses and revenues, including reporting/evaluation
  • Central management of online marketplace business in one application
  • Significantly increase the visibility of your brands
  • Take advantage of new markets and customer groups locally and internationally
  • Faster and competent customer service – ready to provide information at any time

FIS/TradeFlex offers the optimal software solution for organisations with SAP ERP to connect to marketplaces. Whether an enterprise wants to step into marketplace e-commerce for the first time or already transact business via e-commerce (by selling their product range via their own online shop) FIS/TradeFlex enables straightforward access to new customers.

The FIS/TradeFlex software enables enterprises to overcome the challenges in e-commerce by using state-of-the-art technology. Running on SAP Cloud Platform and the high-performance HANA database, FIS/TradeFlex provides the ideal opportunity to seamlessly integrate the sale of your product portfolio on the marketplaces into the SAP ERP system. In doing so, the software enables the management of all order-to-cash process steps in one solution.

Key Features include:

  • Available product quantities are automatically transferred to the online marketplace (i.e. adjusted to reflect actual stock levels in SAP in real-time)
  • Product attributes (i.e. size, colour, weight, materials) are automatically mapped with market places Amazon, eBay and Mercateo/Unite.
  • Information is be transferred in an ERP-compliant manner
  • Deliveries and billing documents are transferred back to the marketplaces via message control
  • Automatic prevention of unnecessary goods dispatches
  • Reimbursement management
  • Automated posting of charges if they are considered for payment
  • Returns notification via the marketplace
  • Back processing of payments in case of returns or credit memos

SAP Cloud Platform

Software applications from the cloud need to be continuously connected to the ERP system in order to avoid data silos. The FIS professionals use SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI) to implement continuous and efficient processes for hybrid IT landscapes as well.

What is FIS/TradeFlex?

TradeFlex is not a marketplace itself. It is an application build on SAP Cloud platform (SCP) and Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) to connect B2B as well as B2C marketplaces (like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and many more to come) to SAP system (no matter whether it is an ERP or S/4HANA system). This is done with no SAP modifications – non-invasive.

Who is FIS/TradeFlex for?

Generally wholesalers and producers/manufacturers who want to simplify and automate their processes when selling at marketplaces. In summary, FIS/TradeFlex is used by organisations with SAP who want to automate their marketplace business channel with the least possible amount of manual work whilst focusing on the whole process. The solution provides easy access to another sales channel besides their own shop-system.

What is the competitive advantage of FIS/TradeFlex?

FIS focus on process integration far deeper than pushing an order to SAP. FIS differentiate our product by adding payment matching, returns cancellation, dispute management functionality.


New Application Development Services

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The FIS SST new application development team based in Poland have extensive programming expertise (SAP (ABAP), JAVA, Open Source and Microsoft .NET ) and significantly lower day-rates for developers than UK contractors. The team is a resource used by many leading UK, Scandinavian and German organisations.

In particular, FIS SST develop bespoke technologies for organisations that wish to create applications that are specifically for their own business model – an alternative to a standard software that would require extensive modifications.

Although projects involving partner portals and data consolidation are most common, the application development team prove to be highly creative and inexpensive compared to UK or German developers.

FIS SST team have been asked to provide development resources for both software developers and systems integrators.


A Software Application Development Service for Software Vendors, Systems Integrators and End-Users – who require additional resource or technical expertise in completing a new or defined project within budgets and timescales.

Also for:

  • Organisations who require additional resource in completing defined projects but require specialist expertise or additional resources for completion
  • Organisations in UK, Germany or Scandinavia who wish to look at an alternative to employing contractors and complete a software development with lower labour costs
  • Organisations who wish to outsource a large proportion of IT application development to a “Nearshore” partner
  • Organisations who wish to move away from legacy application development tools and future-proof new applications by working with an innovative and economic development partner

An alternative to:

  • Development projects that are missing deadlines and running over-budget
  • Expensive local contractors with limited development capabilities
  • Long timescales for application completion with current in-house resources

Key technology competencies:

  • Agile 
  • ABAP – SAP 
  • JAVA 
  • Open Source Technology
  • Microsoft .NET 


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SAP – Business Process Optimisation

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FIS develop a comprehensive range of SAP enhancements  – deeply integrated add-ons technologies to SAP ERP standard (SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA). The technologies create additional functionality to optimise business processes in SAP enabling financial savings and providing more effective tools for SAP users.  The applications work on your existing SAP ERP infrastructure and require no modifications to SAP standard.  FIS add-on technologies also view the data via other UXs such as Web Dynpro or Fiori mobile apps.

Automated Invoice Data Reader
FIS/fci is a  technology that reduces time consuming tasks such as manual data entry and automatically lifts the desired content of documents such as invoices, sales orders, vendor statements, customer remittance advice notes – via an email attachment or from a scanned image. FIS/fci incorporates “free-form recognition” technology, multiple-OCR technologies, “fuzzy” matching of data and an intelligent knowledge database – to read invoice data automatically from day-one saving manual data entry effort.

Automated Invoice Posting and Workflow
FIS/edc (invoice monitor) is utilised to automate first-time match rates and workflow routing of invoices with approval screens via Web Dynpro or Fiori apps. No modifications to SAP standard are required. FIS/edc works with real-time SAP data.

Automated Matching of Vendor Statement or Payment Advice Notes
The technology is utilised to automate the comparison of incoming statements (from vendors or customers) with balances on SAP ERP. FIS/edc (statement monitor) reduces the number of documents reviewed by the accounts team – highlighting “exceptions” compared to vendor/customer data in SAP ERP.

Automated Processing of Orders 
FIS/edc (sales order monitor) converts an inbound customer order into an SAP sales order with or without a reference (e.g. quotation). The supply chain process such as order confirmation, shipping notification, goods issue and billing documents can be triggered immediately.  Customer orders that do not pass the “plausibility checks” successfully are highlighted and post-processed in the monitor.  

  • Automatic posting of customer orders (OCR or EDI data records)
  • Overview of all purchase orders received
  • OCR image or EDI data visualisation as PDF form
  • Full integration in SAP with all order processing functionalities
  • Quick error analysis with intelligent message log
  • Direct communication due to integrated email system
  • Post-processing option in the split screen display with direct access to scanned and archived customer orders.

Automated Processing of Documents
In the FIS/edc (document monitor), any kind of scanned and archived documents can be manually and automatically assigned to an SAP object (e.g. vendor, purchase order or invoice). The document monitor can be installed as an additional module to FIS/edc (invoice monitor) or as an individual solution.

  • Any kind of documents may be scanned, archived and assigned to SAP object types in electronic form (both manually and automatically)
  • Enables multiple assignments to several and/or different SAP objects
  • Fully integrated in SAP ERP
  • Integration of any kind of email systems for transfer or information is possible

Order Confirmations 
FIS/edc (order confirmation monitor) is tasked with the automatic posting of order confirmations in SAP. Data is imported via the SAP standard IDoc interface If errors occur during the tolerance check within the inbound processing, these documents can be easily selected and post-processed.

  • Order confirmations can be imported into the SAP system via EDI or OCR
  • Automatic matching with purchase order items according to customising rules
  • Visualization of EDI data as a pdf form with automatic archiving
  • Easy selection of confirmations outside tolerances
  • Clear worklist structure with visual traffic light control
  • Efficient correction tools in the split screen display with direct access to archived documents
  • Filter for quickly processing tolerance-exceeding confirmation items
  • Automatic and manual matching in the post-processing of new purchase order items
  • Direct correction options of quantity and value fields; all information concerning purchase order items is displayed
  • Email sending to employees or vendors with mail attachment from archive

Fiori apps
FIS are one of Europeans’ leading developers of mobile apps. As an example, Fiori apps for approvers and reporting apps for FIS/edc (invoice monitor). The apps are ideal for approvers “on the move” and for executive decisoning on invoices.

SAP Master Data Management
FIS/mpm is a simplified SAP centred application utilised by all employees tasked with master data maintenance of materials, price and conditions, vendors, customers, bill of materials with built in duplication checks and defined roles for initiators and master data custodians.

Cross Company Electronic Transactions
FIS/xee provides organisation with a tool for electronic data exchange between SAP, internal systems, and import/export with external suppliers and customers.

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FIS Information Systems UK

00Services February, 16


FIS Information Systems UK Limited (FIS UK) is the UK subsidiary of FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH. FIS UK have expertise predominantly in business process automation solutions such as SAP integrated invoice processing, SAP integrated master data management, supply chain management of returnable equipment and marketplace management.

The FIS Group is one of the fastest growing IT consultancies in Europe with a dedicated workforce of around 800 including more than 200 SAP consultants, 80 SAP (ABAP/Fiori) Developers and 50 Web Application Developers. FIS is an established VAR partner of SAP AG with “Gold-Partner” status.  FIS is one of the few consulting companies with DIN EN ISO 9001 certification.



FIS Information Systems GmbH have headquarters in Germany (Grafenrheinfeld) and also have regional offices near Stuttgart and Frankfurt. The organisation is focused on providing consultancy, technologies, and implementation expertise for the SAP community. 

FIS also develop specialist industry applications that enhance SAP ERP standard.

Typical industries include:

  • HVACR (sanitary, heating, air conditioning)
  • Paints and interior decoration 
  • Electrical Parts and Accessories
  • Building Materials and Plumbing
  • Tools, Screws and Fastening
  • Medical Devices and Laboratory Equipment
  • Steel and Metal Wholesalers
  • Automotive Manufacturers and Components
  • Mechanical and Plant Engineering
  • Plastics, Metal and Electronic Components

FIS integrated technologies complement and enhance SAP standard software providing business process improvements. The technologies reference real-time SAP data without the need for SAP standard modifications.  Organisations with FIS integrated technologies enjoy financial savings as processes are made more efficient with reduced human intervention. The FIS proprietary applications run on SAP standards such as SAP Fiori apps and Web Dynpro creating new views of the data and simplified processes.

FIS-ASP is an expert partner for hosting secure SAP ERP infrastructure and services. The organisation has state-of-the-art data centres for clients with SAP ERP as well as complementary IT applications (including FIS/wws).

FIS-ASP services include:

  • Technical Consulting
  • Analytics
  • Maintenance of Operating Systems and Databases
  • Execution of Technical Release Upgrades
  • SAP Archiving of Data and Documents
  • Non-SAP Services (i.e. Email and MS Applications)

FIS-ASP specialists support clients from the initial business analysis and planning to the implementation of your infrastructure systems. FIS-ASP saves organisations with SAP hardware, software and specialist labour costs.

FIS-iLog specialises in creating cloud platforms for organisations that want to improve the management of their returnable equipment such as pallets, dolavs and trays. The solution is used by organisations in many areas including food manufacture, automotive and industrial manufacturing and returnable equipment providers. The solution provides an alternative to using manual methods of recording returnable transactions and provides and instant view of RTP stock levels and owing balances with partners.

FIS SST (based in Gliwice, Poland) is focused on providing high value and cost effective new application development services. The organisation was acquired in 2009 by FIS GmbH to provide specialist new application development in web-based technologies. FIS SST are largely focused on the creation of new enterprise applications developed in JAVA, Microsoft.NET and Open-Source technologies.


Medienwerft GmbH is one of the most experienced digital agencies providing eBranding and eMarketing. Medienwerft were acquired by FIS Group in 2016, providing skills and expertise as a certified SAP Hybris partner. Medienwerft implements sophisticated eCommerce and omni-Commerce projects for clients such as Adler and Volkswagen. Medienwerft ensures the integration of brand values and brand image in all communication channels used, including social media creating long-term customer relationships and guaranteeing sustainable income streams as well as new client recruitment.

With their SAP Hybris expertise and specialist consultancy services, Medienwerft complements the FIS existing product range. Both organisations have expertise in the complete SAP Customer Engagement & Commerce range uniquely providing clients with solutions across the entire process chain from marketing, through sales and support from a single organisation.