FIS / EDC Savings and Key Benefits



If an organisation with SAP ERP receives supplier invoices with a valid PO reference – then the FIS / edc system could potentially post a high percentage of all invoices automatically without the need for any human involvement. The percentage of invoices posted automatically into SAP ERP without any manual work is sometimes referred to as the blind-booking rate. Many organisations work towards creating an environment where the vast majority of invoices are posted into SAP automatically and therefore reducing the workload of their AP team.

FIS / edc essentially comprises two main components. Firstly, FIS / FCI – which is a technology that is able to read the content from an incoming supplier invoice and extract the required data content. This data is validated and checked for potential errors before the information is passed to the second component – FIS / edc (invoice monitor).

FIS / edc (invoice monitor) is a software that works with SAP ERP and is able to compare the invoice data extracted by FIS / FCI with the SAP PO and SAP GRN data. If all lines/positions are in agreement, within a specified tolerance, the FIS / edc module will post the invoice for payment into SAP directly.

Who is it for?

For organisations with SAP ERP (ECC 6 or S/4 HANA) who wish to:

  • Process a high percentage of invoices into SAP ERP automatically – freeing up valuable time for their Accounts Payable team
  • Accommodate additional invoices from company divisions ) i.e. Shard Service Centre) without increasing headcount in the Accounts Payable department
  • Transform Business Processes by introducing technologies that automate time consuming tasks such as data entry and manual data comparisons
  • Make savings by reducing the processing costs
  • Embrace Automation as a strategy to run departments and organisations at a reduced expense

Key Information: FIS Invoice Reading and SAP Posting Modules

  • High Blind Booking rate is achieved with suppliers quoting a PO number reference on their invoices and emailing the invoice to dedicated email accounts
  • When invoice content is read, validated and feasibility checked – only then is the invoice data and image passed to FIS /edc (invoice monitor)
  • FIS / edc (invoice monitor) is deeply integrated enhancement to SAP ERP – sharing screen GUIs and referencing SAP data in real-time
  • An agreement between PO, Invoice and Goods Receipt values with a tolerance would ensure that invoices are posted into SAP without the need for human checks
  • The system can be configured so that invoices outside of tolerances are held in FIs/edc for AP review and not posted automatically


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